Corporate Culture

Mission, Vision and Core Value:


Our mission is to offer global consumers top-notch branded products distinguished by their superior quality and unique features, all at affordable prices.

A powerhouse in brands and the realm of eCommerce, with a strong global presence.

Core Value:

Our core values are at the heart of S1NT PTE. LTD's culture. They represent the essential principles cherished by our dedicated, innovative, amusing, intelligent, and remarkably exceptional team members, affectionately known as S1NTers.

  • Enthusiasm:

Within S1NT, a culture of enthusiasm permeates our workplace. S1NTers consistently demonstrate a high level of eagerness in their tasks, driven by the meaningful impact we create and the values we embody.

At S1NT, enthusiasm is considered a catalyst, amplifying each individual's efforts and strengths to generate even greater significance and value for the company and society. As a result, every S1NTer receives well-earned recognition and appreciation.

Enthusiasm serves as a shared language within S1NT, upheld by all team members in every aspect of our work. While work performance may vary, the unwavering dedication to our mission is an inherent trait in the DNA of each S1NTer.

  • Compassion:

Compassion is a guiding principle cherished by every member of S1NT. It embodies the selfless act of assisting others without seeking personal gain, solely to benefit the person in need. We exemplify compassion within our team, readily offering our support to one another without anticipating accolades or incentives.

At S1NT, compassion is an intrinsic aspect of our character, woven into the fabric of each S1NTer. Moreover, we extend compassion to our customers, prioritizing their welfare above commercial gains. Our sincere concern for their challenges arises from genuine empathy, not merely as a tactic to encourage repeat purchases, but from truly understanding their circumstances.

  • Trust:

Embracing the "Advance on Trust" philosophy, S1NT encourages both ourselves and others to venture into uncharted territories. We understand that the insights of experts, leaders, or CEOs may not always be infallible. Instead, we place our confidence in the tangible outcomes of our work, customer satisfaction, and market data. This approach fosters a collaborative environment where every S1NTer is committed to producing premium products that hold exceptional value for our customers.

Trust is equally extended to every S1NTer, evident in our absence of biometric time and attendance systems and absence deductions. We rely on the trustworthiness of our team members, as our culture naturally filters out those who do not align with our core values.

  • Love:

At S1NT, we believe in a balanced approach to love – affectionate yet not indulgent. Our philosophy falls between unconditional and conditional love, reserving unconditional love for parents and extending conditional love to those who demonstrate appropriate and commendable attributes.

It is a love that binds us together as a family, united by shared values of enthusiasm, kindness, trust, and affection.

Corporate culture: S1NT is confident in being one of the companies leading the way in the E-commerce industry, with a harmonious blend of Western creative work culture and the admirable traditional values of Vietnam. S1NT is continuously growing and aspires to create a professional, dynamic working environment for young talents, fostering innovation and keeping up with the trends of the modern era.